I am, at the moment, a baby shark flailing about in a bathtub that thinks it’s vegetarian. Basically, I’m confused. This is a blog to track that.

I’m 23 and just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. I have always lived in the North, but moved down to Alabama to be with my long term, long distance boyfriend before I go away as a volunteer with the Peace Corps. I have to start paying off student loans in December.  Yeah…

This blog is for me, but it’s public, so it can be for you, too. It isn’t tailored to any particular interest, but it’s likely to contain discussion on politics, my DIY projects, food, travel, fashion, makeup, gaming, and feminism.

You are always more than welcome to voice your opinion, but this is my place. You may have the right to free speech according to the U.S. Constitution, but that doesn’t mean I have to put up with whatever crap you try to spew here. I will delete comments I find inappropriate, and that’s entirely to my discretion.


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