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Can’t sleep. Please excuse run on sentences.

I told my boyfriend about a time when I was 15 and a man I didn’t know told me he was going to come get me when I turned 16, whether I wanted to be with him or not. It scared the shit out of me.

The story came up because we were talking about a recent Reddit thread in the atheist section where a teenage girl posted a picture of herself and a slew of rape jokes were unleashed upon her. A guy I’m a bit acquainted with said that he thought one was funny, one where the guy said she was of age where he lived so he would only have to worry about abduction charges. I really do not find that humorous.

Certainly not the first time that I’ve heard rape jokes. Apparently they’re hilarious, and I’m just a humorless bitch. I don’t get it. What I especially don’t get is when a guy thinks his one line, uncreative rape joke is super funny but gets offended when he approaches a girl after dark when she’s alone and she’s nervous around him like he might attack her.

Well, maybe part of it is because she knows her worst nightmares are apparently funny to men. Men joke about raping women in their good ol’ boys clubs, when they’re hanging out and drinking, and in online forums and threads. Not all men, sure, but there are far more guys participating in and defending that kind of behavior than there are guys speaking out against it.

So yeah. Women get nervous. They get scared. Their nightmares are the fodder for your shitty ass jokes, and they fucking know it. Apparently they’re humorless for it, too.

Just a thought. There is obviously a lot more that goes into women being cautious when they’re approached in potentially dangerous situations, but that little bit isn’t helping.